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Balance Procedure

The Lift Augmentation Balance

Do you find yourself looking at your body and seeing what is out of balance? Although bodies are naturally slightly asymmetrical, sometimes Mother Nature really makes it obvious. If you find that one breast is very different from the other or if age and childbirth or breast feeding have altered your décolletage beyond what you would like, Dr. Maggi offers the balance procedure. Perhaps you like the shape or placement of your breasts when you are lying down but find that when you stand you lose curvature and fullness.

We hear this from our patients regularly.

Dr. Maggi offers his Balance Procedure which combines a lift and an implant to correct breast shape from a ptotic or droopy state to a perky, more youthful-appearing breast. When changing the breast shape and enhancing size with a small to moderate implant, one can expect a dramatic improvement in upper pole fullness. We have seen transformational results with the balance procedure.The incisions to achieve this improvement are either around the nipple (peri-areolar) or lollipop (vertical and peri-areolar) or a traditional inverted “T” incision.

The surgery and recovery experience with the Balance Procedure will be like the breast augmentation and breast lift procedures.

For more information please visit our Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift pages.

Dr. Maggi specializes in the Breast Lift Augmentation/Balance Procedure. Which option is best for the individual patient will be determined at consultation. At that time, you will know what technique is necessary, and you will have a clear understanding of risks, recovery and expected results. The Balance Procedure is performed in our private AAAASF surgery center under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

We would love to share our in-house photo gallery with you at your consultation. Please visit our testimonials page to read about the breast enhancement results of our many happy patients. For information about other services like Brest Reduction please click here.


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