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In your 20s, skin is generally free of the signs of aging. Start a medically supervised treatment plan now to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun and environment.

Proper cleansing, moisturizing, and use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily will help ward off early wrinkles and enlarged pores. Mild peels and topical treatments may help control acne.

Botox® injections can prevent lines and filler agents such as Radiesse®, Restylane®, Juvéderm®, and Juvéderm Ultra Plus® can be used to fill out smile lines and augment lips.

For unfavorable size and shape of body features, surgery may be in order. Rhinoplasty, otoplasty and other aesthetic procedures can often be performed.

Decreased firmness and skin elasticity are a natural part of aging. Introducing anti-oxidants into your skincare routine can help prevent sun damage that leads to lines and age spots. Also, alpha hydroxy acids in conjunction with retinoids and topical antioxidants can restore a youthful appearance to the skin.

Non-invasive laser procedures may improve fine lines, brown spots, and broken blood vessels. Botox® injections can diminish laugh lines and create a smoother forehead. Fillers like Radiesse®, Restylane®, Juvéderm®, and Juvéderm Ultra Plus® can be used to fill smile lines and augment lips.

For those in their 40s, damage caused by sun exposure become apparent. More aggressive skincare can help combat the visible signs of aging. A combination of topical solutions like tretinoin (Retin-A), AHAs, and BHAs, along with microdermabrasion brings the best results.

There are many procedures available to smooth and tighten skin. Photofacials, chemical peels, and topical treatments are effective in decreasing the signs of aging as well as minimizing pore size. Fillers like Radiesse®, Restylane®, Juvéderm® and Juvéderm Ultra Plus® can help restore volume in the mid-face and fill smile lines. For upper face and forehead lines, Botox® injections may be in order.

For those who choose the surgical route, face, brow, eye and neck lifts are very popular procedures.

By age fifty, regular skin examinations by a certified aesthetician or plastic surgeon are essential.

Maintaining natural moisture is more difficult. Peels and light therapy in combination with ultra-hydrating home care can help maintain the balance. Laser resurfacing combined with fillers to restore volume can provide an impressive rejuvenation.

In all likelihood, more extensive facial rejuvenation and resurfacing procedures will be necessary at this stage. Depending on your appearance goals, comprehensive surgery can reverse signs of aging in the face, brow, mid-face, and neck areas. A facelift or brow lift in conjunction with laser resurfacing can yield dramatic results. The payoff for more invasive surgery is a natural, more supple look that is virtually undetectable.

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Facelift/Neck Lift

facial plastic surgeryWhat is Facial Rejuvenation,
and why should I consider it?

Heredity and the environmental elements we are exposed to on a daily basis play crucial roles in how our skin ages. These elements include exposure to sun, smoke, pollution, alcohol, and of course stress, which can all lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and especially around the eyes. Over time, the skin on our face may also begin to lose elasticity and volume which leads to drooping or sagging, resulting in an aged appearance.

As many spend time looking for the fountain of youth to stop or at least slow the aging process, it may be time to consider an alternative method for facial rejuvenation.


Facelift also known as Rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck. The procedure involves tightening of the underlying face muscles and a removal and redraping of excess skin.

Typically, facelift incisions begin at the hairline and extend in front of the ear, following a natural line, and continue on behind the earlobe to the lower area of the scalp. Before the procedure, many people are concerned about incisions but, if they are planned carefully and expertly executed, they should be almost invisible. The most important factor in the outcome of a facelift is less about the incision, and more concerned with what has been done underneath the skin. Long-lasting improvements can be achieved by some repositioning of these deeper layers of skin (the SMAS layer).

Another procedure that is often combined with a facelift is the Neck Lift. Whether your neck is affected by age, your genes, the pull of gravity, neck lift surgery (platysmaplasty) may be an option. Dr. Maggi removes removes excess sagging skin under the jawline and on the neck. The platysma muscle of the neck can also be adjusted and tightened if it has begun to separate and sag. If you only have excess fat under your chin, chin liposuction alone may be enough to enhance the appearance of your neck.


When your facelift is completed, a bandage will be gently placed around your face to minimize swelling and bruising after the procedure. Pain is typically not an issue with this procedure. A thin tube may be necessary to drain any excess blood or fluid that can collect under the skin. Most patients get back to work and their regular activities in about a week or two weeks after surgery. Strenuous activity must be limited for at least 2 weeks. Sun exposure must be limited for several months. Sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat are recommended for at least 6 to 8 months.

Other Facial Procedures We Offer:

Cheek Augmentation
Cheek Augmentation can help balance and harmonize your facial features by giving you fuller cheeks, lifting your face and filling in facial hollows.

Chin Augmentation
Chin Augmentation can bring balance to the face by correcting a weak chin caused by congenital deficiency, facial trauma or age-related bone resorption. Injecting temporary fillers is the simplest method for chin augmentation. Implanting a silicone or Porex chin implant or having a genioplasty may be the best solution in other cases. Dr. Maggi will discuss with you all the ways available to enhance the chin during your consultation.

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)
Otoplasty, or ear pinning, is a procedure to reduce the size of large ears and/or to correct the placement of the ears. Otoplasty is usually done to place prominent ears closer to the head. While it is more common for this procedure to be performed for children, many adults are now requesting it as well. Find out more information about our other facial rejuvenation services.

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